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    • Start Building Trust in the Cambodian Government

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      Since a very recent revelation about the finding of Cambodia’s offshore oil reserves, there have already been dramatic premature allegations, arisen from individuals, local and international NGOs, in particular the donors, about the mismanagement of such the prospective revenue gained from that oil reserves. But why is it the case? Two of the causes are “the same empty promise every year and laughing all the way to the bank (claimed Brad Adams: the Asia director of Human Rights Watch on June 15)” and “the nonexistence of the Cambodia’s anti-corruption law.” We, however, shall not let this latent defect endlessly prevail in our development-urging Cambodia.

      On June 19, 2007, at an annual meeting with the donor countries, Prime Minister Hun Sen assured the foreign aid donors of willingness to fight corruption and the proper management of the potential oil revenues. As reports by Koh Santepheap he said he agreed with donors that the long-awaited anti-corruption law is absolutely essential, but stressed that it needs to be consistent with other laws, such as the draft penal code, or it will not be effective in eradicating the disease in the society. He carried on to add that observers should not be too hasty to allege the Cambodian government is poorly prepared to distribute oil revenues with transparency, as it is unclear how much oil and gas truly lies in offshore revenues, as written in Sralanh Khmer. Yet there is a surprised lack of trust from his fellow citizens and local NGOs.

      To me, we shall not let such the “un-trust culture” endlessly prevail. I hereby suggest starting building “internal trust,” which would be an instigator of the external trust and we shall not unreasonably follow the donors in releasing even the most sensitive allegations. Rasmei Kampuchea quotes statement from the Minister of Economy and Finance, Keat Chon, who stressed Cambodia’s economic success since last year’s meeting, lauding the nation’s macroeconomic stability and GDP growth of 10.8 percent in 2006, plus 4.4 percent growth in the agriculture sector, 22.3 in tourism, 15.7 in construction and 20 percent in textiles. Evidencing from these affirmative truth, all of us; individually and collectively, shall start building internal trust by throwing supports, constructive comments, feedbacks and other written means. At least start the trust, before removing your never-existing trust.

      Lay Vicheka is a Content Manager of Search Newspaper and Manager-General of Cambopedia Translation Co. Ltd.Any question concerning Cambodian laws, politics and issues are welcomed.

      Business contact: 192 Street 63, Boeung Keng Kang I, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, info@search.com.kh, tel: (855)23 996 633, (855) 11 268 445.

      Personal: No. 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke, Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, vichekalay@yahoo.com. Tel: (855) 11 268 445.

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    • The Most Common Cause of Female Hair Loss

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      Female hair loss is not as uncommon as you might think. In most cases, the cause is sensitivity to an androgen or male hormone called DHT. The sensitivity is believed to be genetic, but it is still treatable.

      DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is formed from free floating testosterone in the bloodstream. It binds to receptors on the follicles and shrinks them. They will slowly die and researchers have not proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they can be brought back to life. But, DHT can be stopped.

      Researchers have looked at a number of DHT antagonists in the search for a cure for male pattern baldness. Many of the treatments cannot be used by women of child-bearing age, because they could cause birth defects, by interfering with normal hormone production.

      You might say that it is lucky that most female hair loss occurs during or after menopause. If the woman begins to use an effective DHT antagonist early enough, the shrinkage and subsequent death of the follicles can be prevented.

      A topically applied DHT antagonist called Minoxidil can be used safely by women of all ages at a
      concentration of 2%. Research has shown that the solution has minimal to moderate effectiveness in over 50% of volunteers that use it twice daily for a period of six months.

      Manufacturers and researchers caution that using the product more than twice a day does not improve results and can actually contribute to balding. They also advise “patience”.

      If you see a product that claims to provide results in an instant, you are looking at a scam. The follicles naturally go through stages of growth and dormancy throughout our lives. If you are already starting to suffer from female hair loss, it does not necessarily mean that the follicles have been killed by DHT. They could merely be going through a dormant stage. With the proper care, they can reenter the growth stage.

      In order to stimulate the follicles to start producing once again, you need certain nutrients. Unlike Minoxidil, which is applied directly, these nutrients are taken orally. They include biotin, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

      Believe it or not, magnesium deficiencies are on the rise in the US, particularly among older people. Part of the problem is refined and processed foods. The other problem is that the body simply does not absorb nutrients as well, as time goes by.

      Many other factors could contribute to female hair loss, including various medical problems and prescription medications. If you are currently under a doctor’s treatment, ask him or her about the side effects. Could the alopecia (hair-loss) be a side effect?

      Even some of the popular anti-depressants can cause alopecia. It might be possible to change your medication or adjust the dosage.

      Women that have a family history of baldness might want to consider using Minoxidil, before they notice a problem.

      Since there are no negative side effects, it can be used to prevent female hair loss, as well as treat it, as long as you follow the directions.

      Bill Wagner is a researcher of hair loss issuses effecting both men and women. To learn about a new natural hair loss remedy that Bill recently discoverd and how it contrast with some other common hair treatment options visit the website http://www.thinning-hair-cure.com

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    • Smoking Statistics – Some Alarming Facts and Stats on Smoking Acts!

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      Smoking stats indicate that on an annual basis, in the United States, there are in excess of 2.4 million deaths. Out of these, over 440,000 could well be preventable. These are the result of premature deaths attributed to cigarette smoking. One of the reasons for this is the chronic illnesses that smokers are more susceptible to – illnesses that develop from a build-up of fatty plaques in the arteries, better known as arthrosclerosis. Obstructive pulmonary disease and various kinds of cancer are also now known to be caused as the direct result of smoking. Whilst the overall number of people who smoke is falling, young people are taking it up in greater numbers – despite the bans of advertising of cigarettes and the campaigns aimed directly at young people to either stop smoking or to not start in the first place. Smoking facts that have been collected indicate that more than 80% of people start smoking before they reach the age of 19.

      Two interesting but rather shocking smoking facts reveal that if you take a person who starts smoking on their 19th birthday and who smokes their way through 20 cigarettes a day for the next twenty years, at today’s prices that person would have smoked their way through £37,000 which is enough, in many locations in Britain, to purchase 50% of a house. If a person continues to smoke they not only can expect to live up to 12 years less than a non-smoking counterpart, but they run the risk of a 50% higher risk of dying prematurely. Smoking stats show that, in the UK, around 2,700 people per year in the 20 to 64 year age group die from passive smoking and, in those over the age of 65 years, an additional 8,000 people are killed from passive smoking. Continuing with the passive smoking theme, in children who live in households where parents smoke, 17,000 under the age of 5 years of age are, each year, admitted to hospital with chest-related illnesses.

      The smoke from tobacco contains a number of substances injurious to health, with at least 60 of these known to cause cancer. As a result of some of these poisonous substances being smoked, a 40 year old smoker’s skin often resembles that of a non-smoker at least 20 years older than them. Other smoking facts reveal that, from a single cigarette, 4,000 chemicals are entering your body. One of these chemicals is the solvent, acetone which is used as a nail polish remover. Another chemical is ammonia which is added to cigarettes to enhance the flavor. Ammonia is known within medical circles to make a person more susceptible to viral illnesses and to aggravate bronchial conditions.

      Ammonia also makes nicotine more addictive. Other chemicals include benzene, cadmium [a highly poisonous metal], carbon monoxide, formaldehyde [a known carcinogen], lead, nicotine, shellac [a kind of wood varnish], and hydrogen cyanide [known to be one of the most toxic substances]. This list is not exclusive and there is a far longer list, but these few are enough to give an indication as to the toxic nature of a single cigarette. Smoking stats aside, it is hardly surprising, given just these few smoking facts, that so many people’s lives are truncated prematurely, just because they are smokers. It is even sadder in the realm of smoking stats that so many people who have never smoked can have their lives cut short just from passive smoking.

      Sturat has got experience in copywriting and article marketing and enjoys writing articles on topics like Smoking Facts and Smoking Stats. For more information you can visit us.

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    • Are E-Books Turning Their Last Pages?

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      It seems like e-books have been around forever. At least since the coming of the Internet. Each year the books get longer, more filled with fluff and unnecessary information.

      They’ve gone from 25 to 40 pages to 60 and 100 pages. Prices have went from $ 19 to $ 67 and $ 97. This is called the “thud” theory. Many years ago a book was valued by the loudness of the thud it made when dropped on the floor. The louder the thud, the more you charged for the book.

      Never mind what was inside the book or the value of the information. Price was based on the thud. That seems to be the theory today, although an e-book doesn’t thud, in recent times it has become longer and longer presumably to impress the reader and give the perception of the amount of information given.

      Sadly, it has all too often just been an increase in fluff.

      So if not the e-book, what will replace it? The answer to that is – The Small Report. This is more or less a condensed version of the e-book without the fluff. These Reports usually consist of 10 to 15 pages. Although much smaller they can give you the same information that you would get from a much larger e-book without all the unnecessary stuff that you can do without.

      Another great thing about a Report is the price. Getting practically the same good information will cost you only $ 10 to $ 20 dollars. Which is less than half the price of an e-book. Also reports are a lot easier to refer back to. Instead of going through innumerable pages to find that tiny nugget of information, all you need do is go through a very few pages and you’ve got it.

      Do you remember Readers Digest? I don’t know if they are still around, but it was a magazine that took best selling books and condensed them down – took out all of the junk you didn’t need and told the story in a much shorter form. Nothing of value was left out. You got the same story with the same meaning and it was lot less tedious and boring.

      The short Report is the Readers Digest of Internet marketing. I believe they are one of the best sources of online money making around. They are much easier to write than an e-book and a real easy money online product.

      Let Hal Archer take you by the hand and show you how you can start pulling in big cash with small reports along with other tips and great information at his blog http://www.onlinemoneywiz.com/earn-fortune-small-reports/

    • Tips For Successful Carpet Cleaning

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      Residential and commercial carpeting typically represent a significant investment. It makes good sense to care for your carpets properly – not only will they look and smell better, but they will last longer as well. Spending a little time and money to prevent premature aging will save you money in the long run.

      These are the main steps in caring for your carpet:

      Regular dirt and dust removal (at least once every two weeks)
      Immediate response to spills or other carpet accidents
      Professional cleaning every two years.
      Dirt and Dust Removal

      Removing surface dirt, dust and other debris is as basic as basic can be. If you have got a low pile carpet, or a natural fiber like sisal and are interested in saving on electricity, you can use a broom and a dustbin, as long as you are sure to sweep vigorously. Most people, however, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dirt. When vacuuming, systematically go over every section of the carpet at least twice. Let the machine do the work, you should not have to exert much pressure. Be aware that over-vacuuming, or using too much pressure, can damage your carpet!

      Vacuuming secret: If your vacuum cleaner seems to be working inefficiently, check the bag or dust receptacle in bag-less models. Change the bag – or empty the receptacle – and check filters, replacing as necessary. If your vacuum cleaner still does not work well, it might need servicing.

      Do not Wait for a Spill to Become a Stain

      It is a well known fact that spills left to dry will undoubtedly turn into permanent stains. When dealing with spill, take care not to rub the spill further into the carpet. First blot excess liquid with a clean white towel. If you are dealing with solid or semi-solid matter, gently pick up and remove before it has a chance to cake or leak. Use a commercial stain remover or apply a paste of baking soda and vinegar to the area, let dry and then sweep away. Be sure to pretest any product – home-made or store bought – before using it on your carpet or upholstery.

      Professional Carpet Cleaning

      Do not wait until your carpets look and smell bad. Having carpets professionally cleaned every two years or so is a vital preventative step that will help you enjoy your carpet for many years. Research carpet cleaning companies in your area and find one that does carpet steam cleaning using truck mounted equipment. This method is the most effective method for removing dirt, dust and debris that has found its way to the base of your carpet. While some organizations use toxic carpet cleaning solutions, when cleaning with steam they can also opt to use more eco-friendly products that will not pollute your indoor environment.

      Nick Oliver contributes articles on behalf of Carpet Cleaning Orange County and provides tips to keep your carpet lasting long. For more information on Carpet Cleaning, visit: http://www.Orange-county-carpet-cleaning.com.

    • The Importance of Hair in the Female World

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      Hair plays an important role in the female world. Many women are defined by their outer appearance. Having beautiful healthy hair is a part of the equation that women use to measure their beauty and appearance. Although hair loss in women is just as common as it is in men, it is more difficult to deal with. Hair loss occurs for a wide variety of reasons and there are a handful causes at the center of this problem.

      One documented medical condition known to cause hair to fall out involves the thyroid. The thyroid helps to control one’s metabolism. When the thyroid is not functioning properly it manifests itself through a variety of physical symptoms. Some of the symptoms of an under active thyroid include obesity, listlessness, constant fatigue, depression, anxiety and hair loss. Baldness is one of the most common symptoms indicating a problem with the thyroid.

      Another documented cause of hair loss involves how one deals with stress. It is a known medical fact that stress can cause a host of medical problems. Women and men deal with varying degrees of stress in different ways. Women tend to carry stress on their shoulders and are less able to rid themselves of stress in ways that are healthy for the body. Stress affects the body in a variety of ways. Stress can lead to lack of sleep, poor nutritional habits, weight gain and/or loss, and hair reduction.

      A person’s genealogy also is a factor in whether or not one will experience baldness. Your family tree plays a large role in your physical makeup. Balding often runs in families and it is safe assume if one has a large group of family members that have experienced hair reduction that you will too. Women with a pattern of hair loss in family members will most likely experience hair loss as well.

      Poor hair care can also cause hair shedding. Practicing good grooming techniques help to ensure healthy hair. The use of inferior hair care products and applying chemicals products to the hair can lead to the reduction of hair. Women who allow their hair to maintain its natural balance while caring for their hair with quality hair care products decrease their chances of damaging their hair and causing hair reduction.

      Hormonal changes in a women’s body can also cause baldness. Low levels of estrogen causes a decrease if the production of testosterone. Menopause is a direct result of the decline in the amount of estrogen and testosterone in the female body. A shortage of testosterone causes a reduction in hair growth which results in female hair loss.

      Baldness in men is a topic that is widely talked about and therefore there are more treatment options available. However, many of the conditions described above that cause hair loss in women can be treated effectively. Although the causes of hair loss in women vary the conditions in this talked about in this article give new meaning to the importance of hair in the world of women.

      John Farikani is an expert in the causes of hair loss in women and men. Discover how to solve your hair loss problems by following the advice found at the following site http://www.baldness-prevention.com

    • What An Adjustable Bed Can Do For You

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      Although at one time they were used exclusively in hospitals, adjustable beds have become increasingly popular in the last several years. They simply get better and better as technology gets better in all walks of life. These days, the consumer can choose from numerous features for mattresses and frames. As the companies who manufacture these beds continue to try to make a name for themselves in the marketplace, the quality of construction and grades of materials will continue to improve. Here is what an adjustable bed can do for you.

      The frame of a bed that is adjustable needs to be made from solid steel. This is especially true if it is to be used for two people so that it can carry their weight and still be able to move that weight from one position to another. This steel frame construction provides the mattress with additional support. This is a recent development and much the same as any other product, beds that are adjustable have had to so that they can consistently meet consumers requirements for comfort and functionality.

      The consumers of these types of beds are constantly getting younger. The reason for this is the recently, young people have started to understand the value of getting a good nights sleep. Although they are of great help to the disabled, the elderly, and those who suffer from certain medical problems, they are no longer just for those people alone. Anyone who wants to get a good restful sleep that allows them to get up in the morning feeling refreshes and ready for the new day can benefit for a bed that is adjustable.

      That is why there are so many more people who enjoy the convenience and comfort of a bed that is adjustable. These people include the vibrant, the young, the ill, and the elderly. The main advantage of this type of bed is that the ones that are the most popular are controlled by an electric motor that is controlled by remote control. That means that things such as reading, watching television, writing and eating in bed are much more enjoyable. Also these beds provide several health benefits in addition to the comfort benefits.

      These types of beds have come a long way from their original purpose of relieving aches and pains caused by medical conditions such as chronic joint pain and arthritis. These conditions are relieved by permitting the person to sleep in various positions. Other medical conditions that they help with are heartburn and acid reflux. This type of bed allows you to sleep an upright position which provides a restful sleep. This type of bed will also relieve the usual pressure points.

      In addition to providing you with a good nights sleep, this bed has numerous health benefits. Regardless of who you are you owe it to yourself to find out what an adjustable bed can do for you.

      Click here to find more aboutadjustable beds listings and other adjustable beds.

    • 5 Ways to Attract a Sagittarius Female

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      The Sagittarius female is full of life, independent, idealistic, and a lover of traveling and knowledge. That’s why a lot of men would go out of the way to woo her. Being flirtatious and playful, Sagittarius women seem pretty easy to get. However, keeping a female interested is the problem they have to overcome. Sagittarius females get bored easily. They tend to look for new things to try or new people to connect with. Here are some tips to bear in mind when trying to attract Sagittarius women.

      1) Dress Up. It might seem shallow, but women (in general) give high regards to a well dressed guy. When going out, make sure you dress better than your friends. Don’t overdo it though. Dress up for the occasion. Don’t wear a suit if it’s not a formal gathering and don’t wear jeans in a formal party. Some of the things to check out are shoes and fingernails. Seriously, if you can’t keep those clean (they’re in plain sight) then women won’t want to know about things they can’t see. Accessories are good too. Usually a wrist watch or a bracelet is enough. Again, don’t over accessorize.

      2) Keep Her Amused. It’s not all about the looks. Sagittarians are highly intellectual and philosophical people. On the other hand she also loves fun and laughter. So engage her in a light but stimulating conversation. Talk about business but don’t be too technical (unless she asks). Talk about her latest trip or your travel plans in the next few months. Or an exotic restaurant you want to try out.

      3) Be Hot And Cold. Now for a more devious trick … be unpredictable. Nothing drives a female Sagittarian crazy than an enigmatic guy. In flirting with them, the push and pull theory totally works! Going on and off will keep them wondering what’s up and keep them interested. It provides an air of mystery that messes up with their senses. A little bit of tip here though, don’t overdo it cause Sagittarians also get bored easy. If they think you’re playing games or taking too long to get to the point they’d move to the next prospect.

      4) Be The Prize. Don’t show them attention the whole time. Be the one who is worthy of attention! Make yourself the cath. Or at least make yourself seem like the most eligible bachelor in the room. Sagittarians love challenges. She’d be thinking of ways to win a “prize” and she would want the one with the highest value. Also, being the prize doesn’t mean being hot or gorgeous or witty is enough. You have to prove you are a prize in other aspects such as virtue. Honesty, faithfulness and having a good heart goes a long long way.

      5) Respect Her Freedom. A Sagittarian can very well take care of herself. She’s independent and she loves it that way. You have to respect that. She doesn’t want to be tied up. Don’t ask for a commitment after 2 weeks of going out with her. Do not give her an ultimatum and refrain from being too clingy (yes men can be that way too). Give her space to grow.

      Moreover, the best way to keep a Sagittarius woman interested and entertained is to explore with her. Try and discover new things with her so you can grow together.

      Martha Casantosan
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